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Membership of the RN Angling Association is essential to receiving the many benefits available from the Association. This membership includes access to reduced prices on various tackle and bait brands, subsidised fishing at various venues around the UK, subsidised travel and fishing to overseas tours, RN Angling Association branded clothing, free fishing tackle and bait for certain events, and many more benefits.


Serving members will receive the full amount of the benefits provided by funding. Veteran members will not have access to all benefits, but will still receive great discounts on angling, tackle and more.

The current Membership Secretary is Lt Cdr Jim Butler 

The most recent renewal letter from the Membership Secretary can found below:


Membership of the Association fall into 3 categories:

Full Membership: This is the corporate grade of membership open to all serving officers and ratings of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines; including Reservists. They are eligible for election to the Association’s Central Committee and can vote at Committees (if elected to voting posts) and at the AGM. Only Full members are entitled to benefit from Naval Non-public funds provided from the RN Sports Lottery.

Associate Membership: This is open to retired personnel of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines. It is also open, by invitation, to a strictly limited number of MOD civilians, long-term Defence contractors and other civilians who have special qualifications or attributes by which they can contribute to the Object of the Association. Associate Members may hold committee positions if duly elected but may not vote on any issue effecting disbursement of funds nor on any issue at AGMs.

Life Membership: This may be given as an honour to retiring Full Members who have given particularly long and meritorious service to the Association on the Central Committee. Life Members have the same rights as Associate members. 

The membership year runs from 1 April to 31 March. Anyone joining the Association on or after 1 January will be joined for the following membership year, and may take part in matches and training sessions from the date of joining.


Membership fees are £30 per year, every year you must send a new application form with payment, even if you were a member the previous year. This is so we can keep up to date contact details on our records. Please find the membership application form below which contains relevant details on making payment.

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